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Thursday, 16 April 2009 04:53
       My horn is nothing more than a gambit to get your attention. Like, you recall when the king is coming they blast the trumpet, dant dah da dah, then the king can give his speech. That’s how I get your attention. Hello! I’m over here. Sit down and talk with me. I love people. I get life from people. I do. Like when you stand in the rain on a hot day you feel that water hitting you and it cools you off. It’s the same for the spirit. If my spirit be hot and bothered, I talk to people, and that cool soothing humanity of mankind mists over me, I feel so relaxed and calm. Didn’t always used to be like that. There were times in my life when I hated people... Read More
Alexander's Life Story (as told to Jim Flynn) (pdf)
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written by tito serra, June 08, 2011
Al, are you the guy connected with the story of Ylenia Carrisi ?
written by Samantha, June 30, 2011
I am from Michigan but live in Lafayette La now.. I bought this book when I was over there for the day.. The street performers have always been and always will be one of my favorite parts of new orleans and the quarter.

On the way home I read this mans words.. so deep and beautifully spoken.. I hope I run into him next time I'm in the quarter..

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