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Thursday, 16 April 2009 04:49

       It’s a lot like surfing. Most of the time you’re just paddling out. I’m lucky if in three hours I get ten seconds of a wave, but it’s worth it. Everything just clicks and your mind, body and spirit becomes one and the music just flows without really having to think about it... Read More


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Tanya and Dorise's Myspace
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Beautiful music!
written by Emily, March 26, 2012
I heard you and Dorise performing on Royal Street on Saturday and it drew me out of a nearby cafe. I couldn't stay inside with such beautiful music being made out there! It was such a treat - the highlight of my trip!
written by shena, September 05, 2012
amazing i felt such a great energy after listening to the music, this was my second visit to New Orleans and when i heard you ladies play it made me want to be apart of New Orleans call me crazy but i believe u guys have made a spiritual impact on me i could listen to the music everyday of my life
thank you for the experience and i hope to visit more and see you all again
written by The Lanes, November 04, 2014
We were staying in a balcony room above where you played on Royal Street this weekend. I couldn't believe you played for nearly 12 hours straight on Friday, even when it got so cold on Halloween Night! And then you came back again on Saturday and Sunday! We did put a tip in the bucket and we are downloading some music from your site soon. We absolutely LOVED hearing the music from our room and balcony. It made our weekend so very special. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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