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Thursday, 16 April 2009 04:43
       The Elk Creek Steakhouse and Lounge, that’s the first place I sang in front of an audience. My mother had just left my dad, so she used to go out dancing and take me along and show me how to twostep. I had the time of my life. One night, they announced that they were gonna have a singing contest, so I said, sign me up. I got up there with the Wilkes Brothers Band and sang “Walking After Midnight.”... Read More
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Thank you very much, Meschiya Lake!
written by John McNulty, April 30, 2009
How great to read something about you by you. I became a fan on July 7, 2007, when I saw you rocking back and forth on your heels and blasting away with that spectacular voice of yours in Washington Square Park. I listened to you and the Loose Marbles and watched the dancers and found myself spellbound. I was "over the moon" about them and you, and at the same time somewhere in my consciousness, partly in protest and partly in celebration, a voice was shouting "I don't even like this kind of music!" But I did. I went home and I couldn't get you guys out of my mind, especially you! I went onto a website called Fame or Famine and wrote a rave ( Since I have obtained a recording of you singing with the Loose Marbles and I love every one of the tracks...I play them all the time. So, Meschiya Lake, globe trotting singer par excellance, thank you for your life and your art. Your dedication and originality are an inspiration. May your light only grow brighter, you are a star.

A Little NOLA in Winnetka, IL 9/09
written by Linda, September 08, 2009
We, too, became acquainted with the unique voice and style of Meschiya in December 2007 performing in the streets of New Orleans with the Loose Marbles. While listening to her voice out in the open left a permanent recording in our ears, listening to Meschiya and pianist, Tom McDermott, in the tiny venue of Little Rickie's 30 minutes from our home in Northern Illinois this past Saturday was priceless. We enjoyed this more professional performance far more than we ever expected to.
written by Bruce Black, July 01, 2010
Just saw Ms. Lake and the Little Big Horns at the Spotted Cat in the Marigny last week. We got so lucky as we saw them on both Sunday night, when they were filling in, and their regular Tuesday night gig ( if in N.O. this is a
must-see, the hottest thing in town on Tuesday night for sure...)
Two essentially different bands too, although with overlapping players...

All were killer, and all the shows totally kicked ass...

picked up the latest cd as well, of course it is excellent....

I wholeheartedly agree with the post above, thank you Meschiya Lake and players for doing what you do....


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