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Thursday, 16 April 2009 04:12

When I play this here, I ain’t bragging on myself and I ain’t boasting, but to me, I think I’m a ten out of ten. When I go out on Canal and put my buckets over the grates, that sound goes underground for ten blocks and I got people walking miles to come hear where it coming from. I’m the sound of New Orleans. I’m telling you bro, I get funky on this here. But I thank God first, because this ain’t me, it’s the God in me that makes me play... Read More



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Sidewalk Saonts
written by Tony , July 13, 2009
We my wife and I just got home from our first( but not last)trip to New Orleans. We found the sidewalk performers very entertaining and bought the book and read it on th eway home. Geprge was our fav. and we hope and pray that he cleans himself and gets back with his wife. We hope our next trip there we dont see him we want him to be with his wife. The outlook on life from the sidewalk crew is very enlighting and alot of what they say is true.
until next time
see ya
Ps loved the book
written by sista don't give a f*ck, sister sledge, and brotha got it goin' on, July 18, 2010
George! You are awesome, we loved meeting you on the sidewalk! We also love our nicknames that you gave us... Tell Clifton, thanks for the sweet potato fry. Keep doing what you do... You make New Orleans amazing.
my cuz
written by buddy, March 30, 2011
i known showtime for 5 years now and he is a great person and good friend
written by RuKuS, January 27, 2012
First night I really met Showtime he greeted me very kindly. Being a bucket performer myself he kindly told me i could post up in bhis spot real quick. Shortly after he decided to set up with me and so me and him would be in ca-hoots sort of speak. Man we jammed till there was no more jammin' in the jar, you dig? Im gonna learn as much as i can from this man as i can while hes on this earth.

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