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Tuesday, 07 April 2009 04:33
         I grew up on Orleans Avenue in the Treme. When I was a little bitty boy one day my uncle ran out the house and left his harmonica sitting on the kitchen table. That was it. It was on. It didn’t take me but five minutes till I put that thing in my mouth, stuck it in there upside down. To this day that’s still the way I play... Read More
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Grandpa is the Greatest
written by QuarterRat Magazine, May 06, 2009
If you don't get moved watching these're already dead...
Brazilian Fan.
written by edvino jaskowiak jr., July 13, 2009
Grandpa Elliot inspires me to sing and play my instruments to Jesus. He shows how to be happy doing what he likes to do. I do hope one day I can see him playing alive and give him a special hug. Edvino.Brazil.
The greatest singing saint
written by Zelda Visagé, August 06, 2009
With love from South Africa, grandpa Elliot, you are the greatest singing saint of our time! "Playing For Change" brought him to television here and what I found on the web is most outstanding. I get goosebumps listening to him, behind that voice lies the emotion you cannot express in words. You have to understand soul and blues - it isn't something you grow to like. Since childhood I've longed to visit New Orleans at Mardi Gras time and I hope when it's time for me to go, that's where heaven will be for me.
Grandpa Elliot is just such a character that draws us near to so many more others who pour out their hearts in music. These are the people who sing purely as a gift of love to whoever listens, not for personal gain.
You are most beautiful, grandpa.
do you remember
written by larry, March 16, 2010
hey man dont give it up ur the greastest
A Huge Fan
written by Wendy, September 02, 2010
when I was lucky enough to meet Grandpa on his corner, I was already a fan-my daughter had met him while working on a movie in New Orleans. I spent practically one whole day in April of 2010 just hanging out with Grandpa and once in a while during the day, with his wife (who boughtt me a pop). He is an amazing talent and I have a song stuck in my head that he should do. It is an old soul song called "Touch Me and I'll be your fool once more' Bid Ad Downing did it years ago, and I loved it, but Grandpa would put that version to shame. Wish I could figure out a way to tell him how much I enjoyed that day, the video and pictures that I took, but mostly just listening!
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written by Brad Carrea, January 28, 2014
He is the Man. I had the privalidge to meet and talk with Grandpa. He is a very soft spoken and kind man. I'll be down the French Quarter this year for Marti Gras and am looking forward to finding him again and hearing him play. Quit a Guy

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