Wilsoni the Balloonatik

       When I was first learning how to perform in front of an audience, I used to do what they call productions of live animals, magically producing a white dove from a handkerchief. You don’t hear many magicians talk about this, but you have to load everything beforehand. I was doing a show for a radio station in Chicago, and they had me in the green room and I was waiting to go on. My heart’s racing and I’m ready to go out there and the guy comes in and says, five more minutes. OK, so I took a deep breath and calmed down. Five minutes later, he comes back in and says another five minutes. A half hour later he says, OK you’re on. So, I go out there on stage. I’m dressed well. I’m speaking well. Everything is going great. I went to produce my dove and he doesn’t flap his wings.
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Blog with videos 11/07 by Jimmy Talksalot


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