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Tuesday, 07 April 2009 01:52
     I get back to New Orleans, they had agencies was giving away instruments to all the musicians. Everybody getting brand new horns, but me and a brand new horn. Oh no. A new horn you gotta nurse it like a baby. The horn gotta grow up with you. I ain’t got time for that shit. I said let me get this here tuba, some forty years old, donated from Wichita, Kansas. Everybody saying, Tuba what’s wrong with you getting that old horn? Let me tell you something, ain’t nothing like a horn that’s ass done been whipped and beat up on. That way before the horn can beat me up, I’m beating up on the horn. It’s gotta have the seasoning, the flavor. Just like frying chicken... Read More
Post Katrina photo's by Kathleen Flynn - St. Petersburg Times:
Tuba walking I-10
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In touch!
written by Marie-Eve, March 06, 2015
Do you know How I can get in touch with Mark Tuba Smith?
Thank you
written by Bob Petillo, January 15, 2016
I did a painting in photorealism of Jackson Square as reflected in a the chrome of Mark's tuba.
The Sidewalk Saints and Mark Tuba Smith are in it of course. It's on my Facebook page, Mark, please contact me.
You're Great
written by Zengha Wellings-Longmore, October 25, 2017
Hello Mark TuBa Smith,

I saw you in 1986 in New Orleans and thought you were fantastic. I am from London, England. I remember Cyrille. He played the trumpet and he was also brilliant. I wonder what happened to him.
Keep blowing! You're one of the greats.

God bless you


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